Església de sant Agusti. Interior

The church is composed of a nave with a canopy roof with lunettes and edged in the lateral chapels. It is worth mentioning the baroque façade and its stone imposing entrance with sculptures, finished with two bell towers with enameled tiles on each side of the facade.

It is a building of a single central nave and rectangular floor plan of 35.5 m. length and 9 m. width at the central nave, and 5 m. to the chapels lodged between the buttresses. The tribunes covered with cannonball cover (emphasizes the graffito) are situated on the top floor, which has lunettes and half-pointed arches. The lateral chapels are closed with arched vaults.

The church responds to a mixture of styles typical of the Renaissance. The facade is classical Baroque style. The portal is profusely decorated with a frieze of the Epiphany of the time in which the Augustinians occupied the convent (1895), there is a large emblem at the pediment (quartered in a tree, hands, an eagle and an obelisk below a summit). There is also a large funeral crypt in front of the high altar. At the door there is a crismus with the alpha and omega symbols. On top of it, there are two inscriptions in a metal papyrus.